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mood theme >>> wolf's rain

well, you know. I've never really seen a Wolf's Rain mood theme before so I decided to make one! It took me two days to complete and I'm damn happy with how it turned out. So I've decided to share it. :3


[ you can view the whole mood theme here ]

[ wolf's rain mood theme >>> [ download 1] [download 2] ]

rules of the trade:
x. comment if you take.
x. please credit either savifa or getthedreaming in your user info if you use this.
x. it can be used on any other journal client, as long as you keep with the crediting. ♥
x. if the link ever goes down or doesn't work? tell me, I'll try to fix it.

edit: Okay, since my host is being more than queer, the mood theme is hosted on megaupload for the time being.
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