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dirge of cerebus icons

+ Don't Hotlink.
+ Textless icons are not bases.
+ Please Comment & Credit.
+ Enjoy!

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Cid + cigarette = GUH. @_@

I'm pretty damn sure I'll be taking Cid 02 -- when I recover from the hotness. thanks. XD
That FMV is such fanservice. And I love it!
i'll prolly snag some when i'm more awake.
:D Glad you like.

Deleted comment

:D Thank chu!
omg :D *takies*
:O You really likes?


11 years ago


11 years ago

I love the colouring on them all! ♥
Thanks! ♥
Gah I love your icons! I took a few of the Cloud ones cause that man is hot.
:D Glad you like!~
Beautimous work! Fiended a few, will credit if used.
Great! Glad you like. :D
Taking some, will credit!
Glad you like!
Vincie! *_______* OMG!! <3 I'm saving your icons to memories! AWESOME job!
:D Glad you like!
Sweet! :D
vey much cool, ima take some of the vincent ones... i like alot... will credit of course, thanxies
Thanks! Glad you like.
saved #4 will credit

Deleted comment

Great! Glad you like.
These icons are amazing! I took the Cid one (man that's cool XD) and dear Lucrecia.
Thanks! I'm glad you like. :D
Oh, wow! I just discovered your icon journal, and I do believe I must now stalk it. x3 Will be going through your archives now and taking a bunch, particularly FFVII and Zack. Great icons!
Thanks! I'm glad you like. :O
Those are incredibly sexy Cloud icons.
He's pretty smoking in DoC.
Beautiful as always! I really do ♥ your style. ^^ Snagging a few! Promise to credit.
You so totally PWN at icon making because I'm in love with your icons. Snagging a few and will credit when used. Thank you ^__~
Oh my god. Yuffie icons. I love you. ♥ Snagged, credited.
Snagged a few--will credit for sure!! ;)
CID icons ♥
Thank you ^___^
will credit on use at personal journal