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I'm taking requests again. I'm not setting up a limited number per person/how many I'll make, so request as many as you want. Hell, send your friends over here if they want an icon. I'm keeping this post OPEN and not closing it until I feel the need to do so. ♥

Anyway, here are the guidelines to requesting:

+Please provide an image if you can. If you can't? That's fine. Just tell me the fandom/character you want and I can go image hunting myself.
+Fanart is fine. I can work with it.
+Colour scheme please. If you don't give me one, I'll be assuming you don't care what I do with the icon.
+Text/lyrics/quote/whatever. If you want anything written on the icon say so. I'll even do TEXT icons if you want. I find quote-icons fun to make. xD

And that's it. Have fun requesting. ♥
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